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Sound rules”8 September 2015
“My landlady was showing me the Chinese input system in her smartphone –zhuyin fuhao in this case – and complained that it was simply too slow. Dozens and dozens of characters popped up for each discrete input, and so she often uses characters for their phonetic rather than ideographic meaning.”

Does the Apple Watch need text input?”11 July 2015
“One thing I’ve noticed that significantly decreases the utility of the watch is the lack of any way to input text without dictating it. (…) Obviously there’s no room for a keyboard. (…) I don’t want to use my phone in certain situations, and it would be really convenient if there was a way to type on the watch. The problem is, I really don’t know what kind of typing method would work. The screen is too small for any sort of real keyboard.”

Messaging apps could be the best thing about the Apple Watch – 8 July 2015
“Messaging is the most important function on your smartphone, and Asian apps like Line in Japan, WeChat in China, and Kakao Talk in South Korea have set the pace for Silicon Valley.”

“How messaging apps are eating your keyboard”18 March 2015
“The killer app for the smartwatch will be messaging. The challenge is that compared to mobile a watch has even less screen real estate. It’s this limitation that imposes innovation on the platform. The tiny screen will be a strong catalyst in pushing new type of interactions. (…) After almost 150 years finally the time has come for text input to catch up with modern times and to say goodbye to the keyboard.”