Press release: iBeezi® exhibiting at TechCrunch Beijing, 2-3 Nov 2015

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iBeezi® Press Release

The future will be written with iBeezi® !

Beijing (China), November 1st, 2015 – iBeezi® Ltd., the tech start-up based in Brussels and Hong Kong, which tackled and solved the challenge of writing Chinese effortlessly on small screens, is presenting at one of the most anticipated tech event of the year: TechCrunch-TechNode event in Beijing from 2 to 3 November 2015. After qualifying for several awards at prestigious tech events in the region, and launching two keyboard apps for smartwatches on the Google Play Store in August 2015, the keyboard innovator is poised to announce the release of their disruptive keyboard for smartphones and tablets. With all eyes of the tech-world aimed at Beijing this week, the stakes will be high and the revelations promising.

The only keyboard for all your devices, seamlessly: The term has grown from being another word in the dictionary to dominating the strategic agenda of any company offering any kind of product or service via multiple channels, on multiple platforms or multiple devices. Following a certain itinerary or simply shopping for goods can be done from your computer, your tablet, your smartphone or even your smartwatch, without “feeling” the difference. However, one key feature of these different devices, probably the one that is most used, has yet to become seamless: the writing experience. In comes iBeezi®.

iBeezi® : One keyboard, 6 keys, any device.


iBeezi® is the first keyboard solution that delivers a truly seamless writing experience, no matter which device you are using, or which language you are writing in. Switching between languages has never been more easy – or should we say seamless – than with the iBeezi® keyboards. To improve the user experience, iBeezi® went even further by offering the possibility to choose the size of the overall keyboard on your smartphone or your tablet. No matter the screen size of your device, you decide how big your “ideal” keyboard should be.

Swap the out-dated QWERTY habit for an improved writing experience!

Pierre-Henry de Bruyn, a co-founder of iBeezi®, commented as follows:

“Many years have passed before the standard QWERTY keyboard was challenged to its breaking-point, and so far the alternatives mostly offered bleak upgrades of the standard composition. The rise of wearables and the ever-growing need for ubiquitous communication, in particular for Chinese characters, are putting that solution under pressure, and are even transforming it into a problem: how to write on a smartwatch?. iBeezi® ends that problem and delivers a real solution with 6 keys only, built with the future of communication and a seamless experience in mind.”

iBeezi® will present its new iBeezi® keyboard for smartphone and tablets in a world premiere during TechCrunch-TechNode event in Beijing (November 2-3, 2015).

iBeezi® keyboard will be available as of November 2nd, 2015 on Google Play and soon thereafter on Apple Store.

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About iBeezi®

iBeezi® is a tech start-up powered by its vision that efficient communication tools adapted to small screens will contribute significantly to the growth of the wearables market. The multidisciplinary iBeezi® team, based in Brussels and Hong Kong, is a blend of IT experts, passionates of the Chinese language and business professionals, all with strong international exposure and experience. The team has launched a definitive solution to writing Chinese characters effortlessly in August 2015. This is a world première for the smartwatch industry. Aside from making its disruptive keyboard solution available for smartphones and tablets, iBeezi® further plans the successive launches of other innovative products, based on its iBeezi® technology (patent pending).

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