Press release: iBeezi® exhibiting at the Annual Electronic Fair Hong Kong, 11-16 Oct 2015

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iBeezi® Press Release

The future will be written!
(But not on a QWERTY keyboard)

Hong Kong (China), October 11th, 2015 – iBeezi® Ltd., the tech start-up based in Brussels and Hong Kong, which tackled and solved the challenge of writing effortlessly on small screens, is presenting at the annual electronics fairs in Hong Kong from 11 to 16 October 2015. After qualifying for several awards at prestigious tech events in the region, and launching two keyboard apps on the Google Play Store in August 2015, the keyboard innovator is seeing a growing interest from both big and small smartwatch manufacturers in the region. With all eyes of the tech-world aimed at Hong Kong this week, the stakes will be high and the revelations promising.

The art of writing on small screens: small screens have proven to draw big challenges for providers of classic keyboard tools. For one, because QWERTY keyboards don’t fit on a watch-size screen and, for two, because unlike smartphones, smartwatches come in all kinds of shapes, adding pressure to the “traditional” keyboard layout. iBeezi® tackled the challenge upstream, and used watch screens as a benchmark for producing its own keyboard solution for wearables. The result is a range of smart and truly innovative products.

From notifications to communication: iBeezi®, with its perfectly adapted, intuitive keyboard apps for watches running on Android or Android Wear, is paving the way for two-way stream communication. Indeed, the iBeezi® keyboard transforms smartwatches from notification gadgets into communication tools, and allows for the further penetration of wearables into everyday life, making communication easy, no matter where you are or what you are doing. The keyboard can be used for any browsing, chatting, editing, searching or other input activity on a smartwatch.

Cracking the code: writing Chinese characters on small screens has been a decade-long issue, around which a number of beta solutions have been crafted. The most popular of all are undoubtedly the input methods based on Pinyin, the phonetic and alphabet-based version of Chinese. However popular, existing Pinyin-based input methods are nevertheless limited to areas where accuracy in writing isn’t crucial. The iBeezi® method and its innovative algorithm, combining Pinyin and the Chinese radicals, put over 10,000 Chinese characters at easy reach. The result is an input method with 100% accuracy, perfectly suited for all types of communication, especially in those areas where absolute accuracy in writing is needed, such as localization (GPS) tools, e-commerce, search engines, etc.
Mobile apps, which will benefit from the same innovative input method, are already in development at iBeezi® Ltd., but the company is looking further ahead and also focuses on developing a platform that will change the way we will learn complex languages and that will reduce the language barriers in international communication altogether.

About iBeezi®
iBeezi® is a tech start-up powered by its vision that efficient communication tools adapted to small screens will contribute significantly to the growth of the wearables market. The multidisciplinary iBeezi® team, based in Brussels and Hong Kong, is a blend of IT experts, passionates of the Chinese language and business professionals, all with strong international exposure and experience. The team is proud to announce the launch of a definitive solution to writing Chinese characters effortlessly on a smartwatch. This is a world première for the smartwatch industry. iBeezi® further plans the successive launches of other innovative products, both in and outside of the wearables segment, based on its iBeezi® technology (patent pending).



Fig.1A & 1B – Pictures of the six-key virtual iBeezi® keyboard: encoding a Chinese character starts, as a first step (phonetic step, left), with selecting its initial Pinyin component. The second step (semantic step, right) serves to select the Chinese character.


Fig.2 – (from left to right) The iBeezi® keyboard running on Android Wear watches: LG Watch Urbane, Sony Smartwatch 3, Moto360 smartwatch and Asus ZenWatch. Note: iBeezi® is also compatible with watches running on Android.