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Please follow the steps below to install iBeezi®Wear or iBeezi®Wear PRO keyboard on your Android Wear:

1) Download the application from Google Play and install it on your Android phone

2) Wait for full sync of the app to your Android Wear (may take more than 1h depending on your wear brand/model). The iBeezi® icon will appear on your Android Wear.


3) Download the INSTALLER executable file (Java) by clicking here and saving it on your PC or Mac.

4) Connect your Android Wear to your PC via the USB cable and run the INSTALLER.

5) It is now fully installed.


You can download a more detailed procedure by clicking the link below:

iBeezi_keyboard_install guide_150802

If you have any issue with your app, please do complete the following iBeeziWear for smartwatch Android troubleshooting form.