Data Security


  1. Data we may collect

Usage data

In order to constantly improve our products and services we collect anonymous data on the way you interact with our Products and data on the performance of our Products.

  1. Data we exclude from collection

Language data

The iBeezi® Keyboard apps derive no information concerning the words and phrases that you use both from the words you type using iBeezi Keyboard.


Where a web site or application has identified a field as a password field we will not learn from or record in any way the text entered into that field.

Credit card numbers

We do not learn credit card number entered into a secure text field, and in the rare case you may have entered this type of information in an unsecured field we aim to detect and discard this type of information.

  1. Secure data transfer

Usage data

All usage data is transferred over encrypted channels to our servers, and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

  1. Legal compliance

Our company (iBeezi Ltd. SPRL.) is registered with the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE) in Belgium and all management of our user data is subject to our robust privacy policy, which accords with the Belgian Data Protection Act of 1992 and relevant European Law.

For more information on how we protect user privacy, please visit our privacy policy.