iBeezi® - The Ultimate Keyboard for smartwatches
Discover a new world of opportunities from the top of your wrist


iBeezi® is the first keyboard ever to offer a high quality solution for writing Chinese characters on a smartwatch.
Complete with an integrated range of beautiful emoji and the possibility to switch to letters of the alphabet, iBeezi® is set to become the reference keyboard for any smartwatch.

See the iBeezi keyboard in action!

Chinese characters mode

With the iBeezi® dynamic 6-key keyboard, any Chinese character can be written in a maximum of 4 logical steps.


Featuring a beautiful design and a playful logic, iBeezi® does not only make communication on a smartwatch possible, it also makes it enjoyable.

6 keys only

6 keys allow to reach any Chinese character, letter of the alphabet or emoji. Communication becomes easy with iBeezi®.

Alphabet mode

iBeezi® can also be used for writing letters of the alphabet, and it is as easy as reading time!


Each of the 6 keys matches the size of your fingertip. With iBeezi®, you’ll never miss a key again and you will increase your writing speed.


Made primarily for writing Chinese characters, iBeezi® can also be used for writing letters of the alphabet.

Any Size or Shape

Unlike other keyboards, iBeezi® fits seamlessly on screens of any size or shape. You will believe it was made exclusively for your device.

Easy to learn, easy to use

The method used in iBeezi® is Pinyin- based and calls upon the usual Chinese radicals. The result is an intuitive and natural writing experience.


iBeezi® goes further than solving the issue of writing Chinese characters effortlessly on a swartwatch...
We have actually designed an entirely new way of writing on small screens!
No fiddling anymore with tiny QWERTY keyboards.

About us

iBeezi® is a tech start-up powered by its vision that efficient communication tools adapted to small screens will contribute significantly to the growth of the wearables market. The multidisciplinary iBeezi® team, based in Brussels and Hong Kong, is a blend of IT experts, passionates of the Chinese language and business professionals, all with strong international exposure and experience. The team is proud to announce the launch of a definitive solution to writing Chinese characters effortlessly on a smartwatch. This is a world première for the smartwatch industry. iBeezi® further plans the successive launches of other innovative products, both in and outside of the wearables segment, based on its iBeezi® technology (patent pending).
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  • Android Wear

    Tested on Moto360, LG R and LG Urbane, ASUS, Sony Swartwatch3 and Huawei Watch

  • Apple Watch

    We are ready for it...!

  • iBeezi keyboard on smartphone!

    iBeezi keyboard will be available on iPhone and Android phone in November 2015

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